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Rewards FAQ

How does Dankster Rewards work?

As a member, you'll earn 10 points for every $1 spent at Dank Burrito. Earn points automatically when you order in our app and on, or use your phone to scan your member card at the register. You can redeem your points for free menu items and more. Also, members get a gift for their birthday, a welcome offer for joining and so much more. 

Do I need the app to participate? 

Well... no. But our mobile app is the best way to experience Dankster Rewards. You can also earn points by ordering online at To earn points in the restaurant without a mobile device, you'll need to provide your name, email, or phone number at the register in-store to look up your Dankster Rewards account.

How do I sign up for Dankster Rewards?

We recommend downloading the Dank Burrito app for the best Rewards experience, but you can also join online by creating your account here.


Why am I receiving an error when I try to join Dankster Rewards? 

Your email may have been used to sign up for a Dank Burrito ordering account before. If you’ve forgotten your password, visit, click "Login," then click "Login" again, and click "Forgot Password." 

What rewards can I earn with my points?

Points can be redeemed for free menu items, like burritos and queso, or for Dank Burrito merch. 

How do I apply a reward to my purchase?

When you're ready to use a reward in your Rewards wallet, simply start an order and add the qualifying items to your digital order bag. Go to the checkout screen and a black banner will appear at the top saying "Apply Available Offer". Tap the banner and select the offer to apply. The reward will automatically apply to the qualifying item in your order. To apply a reward for an in-store purchase, scan your digital loyalty card at the register.  Be sure to read the reward details for any special purchase requirements!

Do rewards expire?

Every reward has an expiration date, which you can find in its description.